About Us

Digital Comm Inc., provides TURNKEY operations in the Wireless, Voice-Data Network Technologies, and Utilities Infrastructure for the communication industry.

Our company recognizes the need for highly skilled communication veterans who are familiar with the industry. Digital Comm Inc., is committed to excellent customer service as well as, exceeding customer expectations from the initial planning process to successful implementation and completion.

Digital Comm Inc., headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, offers a full package of services from wireless, voice and data networks, cable networks (CATV) for the telecom, private sector and all government requirements.Digital is committed to serve the communication’s industry by providing turnkey services and¬† solutions.

Digital provides management solutions to firms including but not limited to:

  • Wireless and Cellular – All Wireless Industry
  • Central Office – Phone Companies, Cable Companies, Government Requirements
  • Voice and Data Enterprise
  • Cable (CATV) Industry¬†Requirements
  • Structured Cabling Systems – Inside and Outside Plant: Engineer, Furnish and Install
  • Government – Federal, State, and Local
  • Private Sector
  • Training – Telecom Industry

Our goal is to penetrate the communication’s industry by utilizing our exceptional management team, ranging from communication professionals to experienced executives.

The communications industry and the Federal Government have budgeted over $75 billion for the construction of projects to be completed over the next five years. Digital is experienced in planning and building networks that are efficient, flexible, reliable, and cost effective. Due to the skills and experience possessed by Digital, we will not experience difficulty in entering and maintaining our spot in the communication’s industry.

Digital Comm Inc., uses proven methodology, process, and tools to manage the project constraints of scope, schedule, cost and quality.

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